SA Solution Limited



Our Company

We are professional in providing business solution and producing software for different industries, leveraging their I.T. investments to realize their business objectives as well as enhance their core competency.



SA Solution established in 2003, we provide a most comprehensive array of professional services to our clients, with total business solutions including project management, software system development, programming for hardware, networking solution, datacenter service and technical support.

In recent years, we focused on delivering different solutions to our partners such as government bureaus for their web portal development, wireless access solution, as well as for another major partner, the system development for her integrated security device products currently selling all over the world.





Our experience in working with companies across a wide spectrum of industries gives us the ability and technical proficiency to design total solutions by making use of existing technologies effectively to cater for rapidly changing business needsWe have the capability, management and infrastructure required to realize the solution successfully.